Goodbye to 2009

We’re in the new apartment. We’re done with the old apartment. I’ve got wireless hooked up on my computer. Most of the books are still in boxes and probably will be for months. There’s all kinds of recycling that needs to be gotten rid of as well as a table and a dresser that died in the truck on the way over from the old apartment.

The business for which I’ve had a day job for the last few years was officially sold today. I’ll be helping the new owners figure out how things work throughout January but mostly I’ll be doing my new job. Which is a lot like the old job only more chaotic. I’ll probably go into it a bit as time goes on and I get more organized.

I also got a cover done for Sixtystone Press. It was a rush job that turned out much better than I expected. I’ll post that tomorrow. Over Christmas Nizzibet mentioned to someone that I would have 3 books coming out next year. There will be at least that. I expect to be pretty busy at the drawing board.

And, sooner or later, I’ll start posting here again regularly.

See you all in 2010!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to 2009

  1. Wow. Changes!

    Carl-the-contractor has finally left us to our kitchen. We even have a tiny crouchy attic room – with two skylights for watching the stars, or the rain or the sunset. We’re finally getting some pleasure out of the project. Carl put up more bookshelves in the library – and they’re already full! So I’m trying to cull. Do I really need my old Stephen King books?

    Here’s to 2010 – we get to live in another Arthur C. Clarke year. So sci fi! Where’s my Jupiter mission?

  2. Here’s to a new, finished kitchen! The one at our new place is big enough that both of us can work in it. It’s a novel experience. One that you’re hopefully able to enjoy yourself these days!

    We’ve got a huge room that we’re planning to turn into a library. Only seven bookshelves (particle board slide togethers from Ikea) made the move with us. We ended up junking a bunch of shelves that were in various states of decay. Four of the shelves are being used for our movies. So most of the books are still in boxes.

    I haven’t felt a need to own all of King’s books in a long time. It’s not like it’s hard to find copies of them. Some authors I want to have everything they’ve published. With King I’m really only interested in the stuff I haven’t read (that I’m interested in reading) or might want to reread. There’s not much of that anymore. The Stand. ‘Salem’s Lot. The Dark Tower series. I’ll have to decide on others as they come out of the boxes.

  3. I have the uncut version of The Stand – a tattered library discard – and I’m curious, but … is kinda long.

    I said to Kent there are books one needs to have a copy of in your house and there are books you let the library keep for you. I rarely buy a book after I’ve read the library’s copy, right? But I’ve started rereading Vonnegut. I’m considering rereading some other things. Stephen King?

    And, yes, having a kitchen that doesn’t squeeze you makes fixing meals much more relaxing. I mean, I haven’t experienced fixing a meal as relaxation in this house before. It’s weird, pleasantly weird.

  4. The library is doing a good job of keeping my manga and graphic novel collection. There are a few books I’d like to own but right now I’m only taking them if I get them as presents.

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