Step by Step Mythos Seven 3

Once the image has been scanned into Photoshop and I’ve cleaned up any major problems I copy the first layer and duplicate it twice. The additional layers are both set to multiply so that they combine and compliment the layers below them. I use the Gaussian blur filter (set to five points) on one layer. That smooths out the image a little bit and makes the grey tones blend together a bit better.

The third author from the left is Robert E. Howard. Howard is most known for having created Conan the Barbarian but he also wrote some Mythos stories (and apparently maintained a very steady correspondence with Lovecraft). I assume that I’ve read some of them but I’m honestly not sure. If I did they were published singly in anthologies with other author’s stories. I’ve only intentionally read Howard in the last few years and that was an El Borak and a few Conan collections. I mostly enjoyed what I read but not so much that I felt I had to seek out more immediately.