I wrote an earlier post about the challenges of illustrating Lovecraft’s Great Race of Yith. They’re the featured creatures in Shadow out of Time. They are a race of beings whose minds are immortal. Those minds inhabit the bodies of different species at different times on different worlds. In Shadow those minds are inhabiting the bodies of some sort of giant land dwelling mollusk during the age of the dinosaurs.

This is one of my more successful attempts at drawing the Great Race. It was done in 2000 as part of the portfolio series but, unlike the others I’ve posted I eventually finished it and it can be found in my Epilogue.net gallery.

3 thoughts on “Yithian

  1. Yeah, this one looks way less goofy than most, especially if you imagine it with the traditional colors of seagoing molluscs. This one is kind of interesting, too.

  2. I’ve seen the version at epberglund.com before and I like it quite a bit. Unfortunately it doesn’t match Lovecraft’s description enough. I really try to keep an author’s description when I’m working on an illustration. Even when I think the description is kinda goofy.

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