Oz Squad – Dot

2010 seems to be a year for completing projects. I just got word that an old Black Seal project has lurched back to life and I need to find and complete some artwork for it. That’s going to require going through a number of still packed boxes to find the art but that’s good thing. I need to get unpacked.

One of the other things I’d like to do this year is finish sorting the books and magazines I own to decide what I want to keep and what needs to find a new home. That’s not going to happen while they’re in boxes.

And of course, the big ongoing project is getting the new Oz Squad number 1 finished. I get a little bit done on the art every day. Some days it’s so little it’s really frustrating. Other days I can actually look at a page and decide I’m done with it. I can’t predict when I’ll actually have the art done. I’ve made so many predictions in the past and failed to make them come true that I’ve (mostly) learned to stop making them.

This sketch of Dorothy is from 2004 and was part of the design of the cover of an ashcan preview of another, earlier Oz Squad number one.

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