Sentient 39 – Male Human

I like to invent worlds. Ecologies. Cultures. I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy. It seems like the thing to do.

I’ve ended up with a number of different “universes” in my head. The biggest one is what I call the Sentient 39 universe. While I’ve been building bits of it most of my life I made an active project of it starting at the turn of the century. In 2001 I bought a WACOM tablet so that I would have more control working in Photoshop and creating digital art. I especially wanted to learn how to do computer coloring. First though I needed something to color. So I decided to do a series of illustrations of the major “races” in the Sentient 39 universe, starting with my own race/species – the human being.

Since humans come in two rather distinct sexes I drew one of each. This one is the male.

(I did color this and the other illustrations I’ll be posting but I’ve lost those files over the years. Even if I found them I’m not sure if they would open. A number of my older digital files seem to have gotten corrupted.)