Young Wilbur Whately (sans pants)

Every time I read The Dunwich Horror I find myself feeling sorry for Wilbur Whately. He’s the bastard son of a feeble minded albino. His family is hated and feared by their neighbors. He’s oversized, overintelligent and not a pretty sight with his clothes on. With his clothes off he’s down right hideous. He’s fifteen and he knows that the human race isn’t going to accept him. Is it any wonder he wants to call his “father” out of the spaces between into this world? And, sadly, I don’t think he would have gotten on much better with the Great Old Ones than he did with fickle humanity. There was just no home for poor Wilbur anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Young Wilbur Whately (sans pants)

  1. ‘m an optimist but I doubt if one hug would have done it 🙂

    He would have needed a whole different upbringing. And maybe he still would have wanted to let the GOO into our world. Sometimes genetics is destiny.

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