First Watercolor

Earlier this year my day job broadcast an online watercolor class taught by Molly Murrah. In order to be sure that we had a regular set of students each week I volunteered to take the class. I may have been drawing most of my life but I don’t have a lot of practice working with paint – watercolor, acrylic or oil. I ended up enjoying working with watercolors. They require a bit more patience and planning than I’d like. It’s really a good idea if you think about what you want the final painting to look like while at the same time expecting it to turn out different. And you need to wait for the paints to dry between colors if you want to avoid a brown sloppy mess.

We did a number of in class exercises that I won’t be subjecting you to. I’m a fidgety sort and having paints in front of me was too tempting to ignore. What you will be getting over the next few days are the paintings (and sketches) that I did before class and during the time that Molly was lecturing about history, technique, tools and other things.

This is the first painting I did on the first week of class. Molly paints fruit when she’s practicing. Apparently I paint fruit monsters.