Tintin Looks Back In A Haze

My friend was actually looking for a specific image of Tintin when he wrote me. He sent me a description but once I decided to do a Tintin painting I didn’t refer back to it.

“It was Tintin at 40 years old or so, trench coat, galloise cigarette drooping, balding, hard-eyed and hard-boiled. It was an amazing image that made me what to know what he’d gotten into that had crushed his boyhood optimism and embittered him.”

Dang. Sounds like there’s another painting of Tintin to be done down the line.

When I originally planned the painting I thought I’d add skin and hair colors in Photoshop. I only got to the hair before I decided to stop. I think even adding the hair color might have been a mistake.

4 thoughts on “Tintin Looks Back In A Haze

  1. Well, you know, he’s encountered UFOs, been to the moon, fought smugglers, dealt with the yeti…

    He’s allowed to be all grizzled and tired when he gets older.

    I would like to see this “hard bitten” Tintin, also.

  2. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the time to do a hard bitten version. Maybe I’ll even attempt something closer to Herge’s style.

  3. That’s brilliant!

    Many years ago I had an idea to do a graphic novel of “Tintin at the Mountains of Madness”. It’s not something I’d have the time do even then and certainly don’t have the time for it now (nor would I be able to find a legal publisher for it) but a series of covers of imaginary Tintin albums might be fun.

    Hmmm. I need to win the lottery so I can spend time drawing unprofitable things.

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