Updates, Incentives and Priorities

So, new template, new post.

I’m somewhat reluctant to spend time writing this post when I could be working on one of the projects that I’m about to mention. Still, if this works out I’ll be making more progress on said projects. I seem to be a loner by nature. I enjoy my own company and rarely feel lonely either when I’m alone or when I’m in a crowd. I did notice fairly early on that I’m healthier and happier when I get regular interaction with friends and relatives and I get more done if I have a busy schedule that I have pay attention to. So I’m back to posting even if I haven’t yet got any art scanned to discuss.

I’ve got a number of illustration projects on my table in various states of completion. As the day job has gotten less predictable (I work seven days a week – sometimes for an hour or two, sometimes for 12 or more hours) I’ve been having to pay more attention to scheduling the illustration projects to be sure that they happen.

I’ve got five main illustration projects. In order of importance they are:
1. Oz Squad – the Comic
2. Oz Squad – the Novel
3. Short Comic for the Black Seal
4. Stumptown Minicomic
5. Oziana Submission
6. 2011 Blog Fiction Project
7. DavidLeeIngersoll.com
8. Skook Sketchblog

Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting daily reports on each project. I hate to admit it but one of the best ways for me to get me to do something is to regularly tell people what I’m doing. I get embarrassed if I don’t have anything new to report.

See you tomorrow!