Progress Report – Oz Squad – The Comic

So. Oz Squad. Getting the art finished on this project is the main reason I’m going to be posting progress reports. It’s been years in the works. It doesn’t matter how little time I’ve got to do art or how often I get paying jobs or whether I have other projects that are easier to work on or … whatever. This one has got to be done. Steve has sent the draft for another issue and he has an outline for more beyond that.

Here the criteria I’m using. A page is Finished if the coloring is done and I’ve sent it to Jason for lettering. A page is Inked if I’ve scanned it into the computer and I’m ready to color it. A page is Penciled if I’m ready ink it. A page is Roughed if all the images are in place and I’m ready to pencil it. If one panel isn’t colored or inked or penciled or roughed the page isn’t done and I can’t count it as such.

This issue of Oz Squad is a 48 pager. Here’s where it stands at this writing –
Finished – 12 pages
Inked – 7 pages
Penciled – 17
Roughed – 9

Tomorrow I’ll post the status again. And I’ll post the status of the Oz Squad novel. The what? Stay tuned.