Progress Report – The Black Seal Vietnam Special – Comic

One unfinished project that’s been lurking for, literally years, is the comic I’m illustrating for the special Vietnam issue of The Black Seal. It’s a five page story. Nick Brownlow wrote the script back in 2003. I got started on it back then, got sidetracked with other things, the special issue itself got sidetracked and eventually the unfinished art ended up packed away when Nizzibet and I moved in December.

Earlier this spring the Black Seal guys started pulling the Vietnam special out of mothballs and it’s alive again. Articles are being finished and revised. It’s destined for print sooner rather than someday. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember which box the art was in and unpacking all the possible boxes it might be in in order to find it would have resulted in a mess I wasn’t ready to clean up. Fortunately I happened across it quite by accident last week while unpacking another box for an unrelated reason.

Since the art for this piece is intended for black and white publication and since I’m also the letterer the stages for it are different than Oz Squad. The progress for this one goes – Roughs, Lettering, Pencils, Inks, Shading, Photoshopping. As with Oz Squad, if one part of a page isn’t finished the page can’t be considered finished. So, here’s how the story Sacrifice stands –
Finished (Photoshopped) – 0 pages
Shaded – 0 pages
Inked – 0 pages
Pencilled – 4 pages
Roughed – 1 page
Lettered – all 5 pages. Hey! Something is actually done!

And how goes progress on my other projects?

Progress Report – Oz Squad Comic
Finished – 12 pages
Inked – 7 pages
Penciled – 17
Roughed – 9

Progress Report – Oz Squad Novel Illustrations –
Cover – Inked. Additional Design and Text to Come.
Illustrations –
Penciled – 2
Yet To Be Started – 34