Progress Report – The Last Moe and Detritus Story (minicomic)

Back in May Indigo Kelleigh invited me to contribute to a minicomics anthology box that he is putting together for the 2011 Stumptown Comics Festival. It’s been … decades … since I did a minicomic, long enough ago that I’ve forgotten how much work they could be. I probably would have said yes even if I hadn’t had a story in mind. I’ll be bringing back Moe and Detritus for a final story. Nobody dies. The world doesn’t end. It’s mostly so I can let the versions of Moe and Detritus that I was writing back in the ’90s head off into their own worlds. Versions of those characters still live in my head but I’m a different person than the guy who wrote Misspent Youths and so they are different people as well. No doubt versions of them will appear in another project somewhere down the line.

This is an eight page black and white minicomic. At the moment the script is still unfinished. So. Not much progress to report yet.

And how go things on my other projects?

Progress Report – Oz Squad Comic
Finished – 12 pages
Inked – 8 pages
Penciled – 16
Roughed – 9

Progress Report – Oz Squad Novel Illustrations –
Cover – Inked. Additional Design and Text to Come.
Illustrations –
Penciled – 2
Yet To Be Started – 34

Sacrifice (Comic for The Black Seal) –
Finished (Photoshopped) – 0 pages
Shaded – 0 pages
Inked – 0 pages
Pencilled – 4 pages
Roughed – 1 page
Lettered – all 5 pages. Hey! Something is actually done!