Progress Report – Oziana Submission

This one might be finished. It might have some lettering still to be done. It might require some more illustrations. It all depends on what the writer finally decides. It’s a comic that has mostly been accepted for a near future issue of the Oziana. Currently there are nine pages finished. I just can’t take the project off my plate until I know what might need to be done and it’s been sent to the Oziana editor.

Oziana Story –
Finished – 9 pages
To be done … ?

And how go things on my other projects?

Progress Report – Oz Squad Comic
Finished – 12 pages
Inked – 8 pages
Penciled – 16
Roughed – 9

Progress Report – Oz Squad Novel Illustrations –
Cover – Inked. Additional Design and Text to Come.
Illustrations –
Penciled – 2
Yet To Be Started – 34

Sacrifice (Comic for The Black Seal) –
Finished (Photoshopped) – 0 pages
Shaded – 0 pages
Inked – 0 pages
Pencilled – 4 pages
Roughed – 1 page
Lettered – all 5 pages.

Moe and Detritus minicomic
Script unfinished.