Progress Report – 2011 Illustrated Fiction Blog

Way back in 2009, when my day job was a much different animal than it is right now, I had a lot of time on my hands. Much of the time my job involved me waiting for the phone to ring. That was one of the advantages we had over most of our competitors; someone was there to answer the phone when a potential customer called. Because we wanted me to be as responsive as possible I had a lot of unscheduled time. I never wanted to read a book while on the job, or play games online or watch videos or do anything that would cut down on my ability to pay attention to a customer when needed. So I spent a lot of time waiting. Eventually I started spending some of that time sketching and eventually I started to think that I could sketch with a goal in mind. And thus was born 365 Bumps in the Night.

What exactly 365 Bumps is will have to wait until January 31st. Hopefully that will be January 31st of 2011 but I originally hoped to start this project on January 31st of this year and that obviously didn’t happen. There will be 366 posts in the project – one character drawing plus some text that will give some context to the illustration. The stages for each character drawing goes from sketch to inks to shading to photoshopping and posting. Here’s where I am so far –

Illustrations –
172 finished
182 in progress
23 unstarted
Posts written – zero

And how go things on my other projects?

Progress Report – Oz Squad Comic
Finished – 12 pages
Inked – 8 pages
Penciled – 19
Roughed – 9

Progress Report – Oz Squad Novel Illustrations –
Cover – Inked. Additional Design and Text to Come.
Illustrations –
Finished – 1
Penciled – 1
Yet To Be Started – 34

Progress Report – Sacrifice (Comic for The Black Seal) –
Finished (Photoshopped) – 0 pages
Shaded – 0 pages
Inked – 0 pages
Pencilled – 4 pages
Roughed – 1 page
Lettered – all 5 pages.

Progress Report – Moe and Detritus 8 page minicomic
Script unfinished.

Progress Report – Oziana Story –
Finished – 9 pages
To be done … ?