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And finally, I need to scan more images so I have something for you to look at every day. I know, no one is dying of suspense waiting for the next sketch or resurrected childhood drawing but posting here on a regular basis is a good way for me to pay attention to the passing of time.

I also need to repost the addresses of the blogs and websites of friends, acquaintances and regularly read complete strangers. I lost my list when I updated my template months ago and have only just now started recreating it.

My current thinking is that on post 2000 I’ll retire this blog. I expect to continue some sort of regular posting but, if all goes well, it will be at This is post 1707. 293 to go.

And how go things on my other projects?

Progress Report – Oz Squad Comic
Finished – 12 pages
Inked – 8 pages
Penciled – 19
Roughed – 9

Progress Report – Oz Squad Novel Illustrations –
Cover – Inked. Additional Design and Text to Come.
Illustrations –
Finished – 1
Penciled – 1
Yet To Be Started – 34

Progress Report – Sacrifice (Comic for The Black Seal) –
Finished (Photoshopped) – 0 pages
Shaded – 0 pages
Inked – 0 pages
Pencilled – 4 pages
Roughed – 1 page
Lettered – all 5 pages.

Progress Report – Moe and Detritus 8 page minicomic
Script unfinished.

Progress Report – Oziana Story –
Finished – 9 pages
To be done … ?

Progress Report – 2011 Fiction Blog
Illustrations –
172 finished
182 in progress
23 unstarted
Posts written – zero – less than embryonic

(Note to self – put this stuff into a spreadsheet or something. Slob.)

6 thoughts on “Progress Report – Skook Sketchblog

  1. I’m one of your blogger “followers” but when I check the list on my blogger dashboard it tells me that there’s no RSS feed for Skook. Could you check to see if you’ve checked the RSS feed box in your template or gadgets or whatever?

  2. I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to do that and I’m stumped. I haven’t been able to figure out where to find and enable that.

  3. From your Dashboard go down to Manage Blog(s), click on Settings. The Settings defaults to the tab Basic (look at the upper left, 2nd line down). Follow along to the right — you’ll see:
    # Publishing
    # Formatting
    # Comments
    # Archiving
    # Site Feed

    Site Feed is what you want. At Allow Blog Feeds make sure the drop down menu reads All.

    I think that’s what does it.

  4. Drat. At “Allow Blog Feeds” I have a choice of None, Short and Full. No All. And it looks like I’ve had it set to full all along.

  5. I guess my next question is: You are listed as “follower” of both DIR and LuvSet … do both/either show up under the Dashboard’s Reading List in truncated form in the box on the right? Cuz if mine don’t show up on your feed then I’m not doing the right thing either.

  6. They both show up.

    Is Feedburner involved in the process at all? I’ve just set up a Feedburner account thinking that might help. And I posted a new post afterward.

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