Oblivion Seas 1

Today’s, tomorrow’s and the day after tomorrow’s character portraits are all from 2000 or 2001. I was playing around with taking the Sargasso cartoon series idea and turning it into a comic of some sort. Sargasso was inspired by William Hope Hodgson’s The Boats of the “Glen Carrig”. “Inspired by” meaning that I took the general premise of the novel (shipwreck survivors encountering trapped ships and weird monsters in a sea of weed) and headed in a different direction.

Not too different a direction really. I thought the general premise was great but I wanted more weird creatures and more identifiable human characters. Most of the sailors in the story are nameless and even those with names don’t have much in the way of personality.

These portraits were done help me think of characters to populate the story with. I often find it easier to come up with character names and personalities after I’ve come up with character appearances. I don’t think I got as far as naming any of these gentlemen. The big guy on the left would be one of the regular sailors, the bearded fellow would probably be the bosun, and the young chap would be a cabin boy.