Cauldron 1

In 2003 (or maybe 2002) I decided to try to turn The Cauldron into a webcomic. The world of the story had changed a bit from the basic premise. No longer did it take place in what was basically a 20th century America with elves, vampires and other magical folks. Now the stories occurred in a world with a multitude of differently evolved intelligent primates. Half those primates evolved from lemurs. Half from apes. The stories still revolved around cops who had to solve magic related crimes.

4 thoughts on “Cauldron 1

  1. Not gonna lie, that sounds like ten kinds of awesome.

    …and as for the original concept, fey are typically bound by very tight rules. Their existence tends to predicate on contracts, deals, and weasel words, at least from what stories I've heard. I bet that would be a badass inner conflict to watch unfold; some reasonably free-minded fey dude struggling with breaking out of his mental mold, literally incapable of even conceiving of certain actions while his human partner pulls shit out of her ass at a moment's notice. How frustrating would that be?

  2. That had been the basic idea. For a fey Malekin is pretty liberal. He thinks human beings have good points and should be protected from demonic forces. But he does think he's smarter and just generally better than they are. Which, in a lot of respects, he's right. He's stronger, faster and better with magic than his partner.

    But he'd get into a lot of trouble when dealing with creatures that don't obey "the rules". She's much better at dazzling them with bullshit and being unpredictable.

  3. That's even more unbelievably awesome.

    So, are we gonna hear about how the concept's evolved since then, too?

  4. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get into it much. As you've probably noticed by the infrequency of my posts recently I've been pretty swamped out in the real world lately.

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