2 thoughts on “Cauldron 3

  1. A couple of the mini comics I got at the SF Zine Fest said they were originally published as web comics.

    I was, sadly, not impressed by my haul this year. Having read them all, the only one that I was glad to have discovered (excepting King-Cat Comics which I’ve been buying for many years) was “We’ll Never Have Paris”, a prose (& now poetry!) zine. Turns out the editrix is an ASL interpreter. She had an essay about choosing her career path — she claims she didn’t choose it so much as she couldn’t think of anything else she wanted to do.

  2. I know a group of cartoonists here in Seattle who manage to put together art shows every 6 months or so. At their last one this weekend they were sells boxes of minicomics – 18 for $18. I haven’t read any of them yet and I still think I got a good deal.

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