1995 Calendar Front Cover

From 1988 to 1995 I did a series of calendars. The calendars featured original illustrations each month. The first calendar in 1988 featured a different “classic” monster each month – vampire, witch, werewolf, etc. Every calendar (but one) after that featured the Lizards. I’ve never really worried too much about what the Lizards actually were. They had the ability to create doors in reality so they could have adventures pretty anywhere. They had an Aunt Hortense, who was constantly smoking something, but otherwise their relationships are undefined. I couldn’t tell you if they were siblings or cousins or friends. I’m not even sure that Hortense is really anyone’s Aunt.

The last calendar in that series was done in 1994 for the coming year of 1995. The theme of this issue was “Through Time and Space with Aunt Hortense” so basically it was an excuse for me to draw whatever I wanted.

The art was done on duoshade boards, an artboard with a pattern imprinted on it that can brought out by painting a chemical on it. One chemical brought out a hatch pattern. A second chemical brought out a crosshatch. Duoshade doesn’t scan as well as I’d like. It tends to show a moire pattern.