1995 Calendar: January

Most of the illustrations in the 1995 calendar featured characters from Misspent Youths. At the time I was thinking of reviving the series as a self published comic that I intended to call Bonecage Graffiti. Aunt Hortense and the Lizards were going to be part of the ensemble cast of the comic.

But in 1995 Nizzibet and I began our plans for world domination and Bonecage Graffiti became one of the serials in the first version of Glyph.

The human characters on the page are Black Molly (in black), Lili Veracruz (in plaid) and Sequoia St. Jude O’Hare (in the hat).

2 thoughts on “1995 Calendar: January

  1. Those characters are all awesome; I love everything about them from the names to the way they’re dressed. On almost anyone else, Sequoia’s hat would look tacky as hell.

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