1995 Calendar: May

Sandra and … her boyfriend … I can’t remember his name right now and I’m writing this post while on the road so I can’t check one of the comic pages … meet the Switagern. Sandra is Buffy Crawfield’s little sister. The Switagern is a creature I invented back in 6th grade. Griffins are a mix of eagles and lions and Hippogriffs are mixes of eagles and horses. The Switagern is the unlikely mix of a swan and a tiger.

And those critters in the foreground? What do they look like a mix of?

2 thoughts on “1995 Calendar: May

  1. Ducks and cats would be correct.

    Otterdiles. Hmmm. Could be sort of cute. Could be frickin’ scary. It would all depend on which half was the crocodile.

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