Detour Sketch – Rock Gargoyle

Detour, and the Dark Conspiracy game that this scenario is a part of, takes place in an alternate future America. Most of the population lives in sprawling metroplex cities. The countryside has mostly become the Out-Law and and in the worst places it has become Demonground; places where the Dark Races reign.

The Dark Races are mostly nothing new. They’ve been with us for all of human history. They are the monsters of our myths and legends. Some of those legends describe the creatures accurately. Many times the old stories are no more than half-truths, glimpses of that partially describe beings in the way the blind men in the old story could only partially describe an elephant. There are a wide variety of creatures in the game but plenty of room to either invent new ones or depict interesting variations on familiar types. This rock gargoyle sits at the edge of the events of the Detour scenario. If the players aren’t careful they might get its attention.