New Worlds Relaunch

This was a quick design done for one of Warren Ellis’s redesign challenges over at his Whitechapel forums. The basics of the challenge were –

You are an artist/designer.

You have to put together the cover for #223 of something called NEW WORLDS.

You have been told that NEW WORLDS is the most groundbreaking, forward-looking, ambitious and original science fiction magazine in the world.

And that’s it.

This was back in May of 2010. I was being kept really busy at the Day Job and I was mostly exhausted by the time I got home. Getting a new illustration done, no matter how fun the project, was just not going to happen. So I cheated. I grabbed an old piece from my gallery, colorized it and did a quick type treatment for the logo.

I like the results but there are many, much more impressive pieces to be found on the original thread.