David Lynch’s Spider-Man

This was done in November of 2010 for another redesign challenge at Warren Ellis’s Whitechapel forums.


You must design a poster for a movie called SPIDER-MAN directed by David Lynch. This is all you know.

That’s it. You have one week. Begin.

I’m not really a fan of David Lynch’s work. I really like some films. Others don’t really do anything for me. Looking at his IMDB listing I see that I actually haven’t seen most of his films. So this probably wasn’t the best challenge for me to take on.

Spider-Man was the first comic I regularly read as a kid so I felt compelled to try anyway. This was another case of not having a lot of time available. I did the illustration elements during a lunch break at the Day Job and then did a quick colorization and type treatment that evening.

Go to the first link above to see the work of a lot of other cool artists.

4 thoughts on “David Lynch’s Spider-Man

  1. I like this very much; checking out the thread, there’s some really nice work there, too. Yours is still way awesome, though. I wonder, did this piece strike me because I’m a fan of yours and David Lynch, both?

  2. Thank you for the compliment Adam!

    Are you a fan of Spider-Man too? I suspect that one’s reactions to the contributions on that thread would have a lot to do with the expectations one brings to the table. A big fan of Spider-Man and David Lynch both is going to have different expectations than someone who is only fan of one. You also strike me as someone who likes looking at old concepts in new ways so you’re probably more willing to accept odd interpretations of things you enjoy.

  3. Yeah, ever since I was first exposed to Spider-Man at about age 8 with a compilation of the original comics, I liked Spider-Man. I liked him because sometimes he failed, but he kept getting back in there and going.

  4. Amazing Spider-Man #103 was the first comic I remember reading and the first one I ever bought. I was about seven. That one issue features so many of my life long obsessions it’s almost scary. Giant ape monster? Check. Dinosaurs? Check. Lost world? Check. Screwed up, mid powered superhero? Check. No Frankenstein, Land of Oz or Lovecraftian horrors but that would have been hard to pack into a 22 page comic even in the 70’s.

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