Spectreman Gets Schooled

I’m starting school tomorrow so I’m not sure what posting is going to look like for the next few weeks. I look at how much time I’m scheduled to be in class and it seems like I should have plenty of time for art, blog posting and doing all the exciting chores that life seems to require. But the last time I was in school was high school, many many years ago, and I’m told that college has a much different ratio of class time to homework time. Plus I’ve got a commute looks like it could run anyway from an hour to two hours depending on how smoothly I make my bus transfers.

So. Rather than post this sequence over a few days I’m putting it all up today. This was done for the current Remake/Remodel challenge at the Whitechapel Forums. Instead of giving us a brief character description Ellis posted this –

When I was a kid I watched some (perhaps all) of the Spectreman series on the Captain Cosmic show. I don’t really remember much about it. I think I found it somewhat disappointing but it did provide me with a giant monster fix so I caught as many episodes as I could.

Because this a giant monster fighting hero I felt compelled to add a contribution to the Whitechapel challenge. And because I’m currently in the middle of half a dozen other art projects (and school is looming) I felt equally compelled to get the illustration done as quickly as possible.

First I sketched out a logo. That will show up later. Then I sketched out a quick redesign of Spectreman. Quick. I added a random array of monsters behind him. Quickly. I inked the outlines of Spectreman. Quickly. Normally I like to fill in all the blacks of an illustration on paper but this time I decided to photoshop them.

Adding the spot blacks in Photoshop was faster than doing it via brush and ink but it’s not as relaxing. I know that these days a lot of artists do most of their work digitally but I still prefer to do most of mine on paper first. It’s more relaxing. (Unless I’m making a lot mistakes. In that case I find myself wishing I was working with Photoshop and its undo capabilities.)

I colorized the background to give me a base color to work with.

Next I selected and colorized the different shapes of the Spectreman figure.

I added the logo and matched its colors to Spectreman’s. In order to make the figure stand out from the background I changed the color from red to blue. And then I posted it to the forums before I could spend any more time noodling on it. And, man, do I want to noodle on this.

Ah well. Lots to do. I’ll post when I can.

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  1. You’re right, it does. It’s a complete coincidence. I’d never heard of Shin Megami Tensei and had to google it. It looks cool. Sigh. One more thing I’m not going to have time to check out in depth anytime soon.

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