Been a While



I’m in the thick of it. I’m taking four classes – 16 credits – a Math class, a Math Study Skills class, an Intro to Networking class and a Web Authoring class.

We’re ending the seventh week of classes and so far I seem to doing well in Math, Math Study Skills (a class that was mandatory with Math) and Web Authoring. Some of what I’ve been doing in that last class can be found on my student website here. Look while you can. That link will probably go away once the class ends.

I just took my (late) midterm in Networking. This is the first test we’ve had and I can’t really say how I did. It was 50 true/false questions. Open notes. My notes were not as thorough as I would have liked and I don’t know how tricky the teacher was being when he wrote the questions. Some of them are almost true except for one little piece of info. Or maybe that piece of info was in the book and I missed it. Networking is only on Tuesday and Thursdays so I’ll have to wait until next week to find out how I did.

2 thoughts on “Been a While

  1. For the most part the classes haven’t been boring. And for the most part I’m doing well. I’m certainly enjoying math more this time than I did in high school. I find most of the word problems as idiotic as I ever did. I keep hoping I’ll run into one that presents me with a scenario where it actually makes sense to solve the equation algebraically rather than just applying logic.

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