Portrait of a Nephew at Seventeen

I’ve got four nephews. Three on my side of the family and one on Nizzibet’s side. I did a portrait of the one on Nizzibet’s side a few years ago when I sent out a series of postcards to friends and family around the country. He’s grown quite a bit since then and asked me to do an updated version.

He asked me to keep the outfit the same but to have his hands giving the ^^^ sign. I had to ask him to send me a photo of him demonstrating that. I have no idea what it means. If he’s calling for the destruction of Western Civilization don’t tell me.

Once he’d confirmed that I had portrayed his hand signs accurately I inked it up and then sent it to Photoshop for coloring. The white space around his hands was to make it easier for me to add the lettering to his t-shirt.

And there you go. Another young man out to make his mark on the world. And calling for the destruction of Western Civilization. Or something.

2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Nephew at Seventeen

  1. He likes this one a lot better too. He thought the other one made him look fat. Which it sort of did so I can’t really argue.

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