New Phone Number

Nizzibet and I have a new home phone number. While it feels a little silly to post about it, given the crazy variety of ways that we keep in touch with each other these days, it also seems sensible to get the word out any way possible. We had our old phone number for at least 15 years but, for some reason, when our new phone arrangement was being set up we were told it would be a month before we could get our old number attached to it. Rather than have a different number for a month and then changing back we’re just giving up the old one.

I’ve emailed most of the folks that we communicate with regularly but I’m sure I’ve missed a few people. If you haven’t gotten the new phone number by now (and you want it) please send me a note via the email address on the right side of this page and I’ll be happy to update you.

2 thoughts on “New Phone Number

  1. Ugh. Yeah, I just moved, so I can feel you there. They hooked up the phone in my new place concurrently with the same number as the one in the old place, but then told me that I had to get a new number. Then! They cut off the phone service in the new place on the cutoff date as opposed to turning it off in the old place, before they changed my number without telling me, because they couldn’t log into my account. It was a pain…

  2. Yuck. The most annoying part of our experience were the robo-confirmation calls. They were set up so that if we didn’t answer them and respond to them immediately our set up appointment got canceled. Nizzibet had to re-reschedule the appointment more than once.

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