The Highly Unlikely Adventures of Moe and Detritus #1

Way back in 1988 I drew and published (via a copy machine at this new 24 hour copy chain called Kinkos) the first issue of The Highly Unlikely Adventures of Moe and Detritus. I really had no idea what I’d do with the characters and I certainly didn’t plan on making The Pile one of the regular case. But there you go.

And here you go. A friend of mine recently posted these scans online at his Facebook account. Now I’ve swiped them and sharing them with the rest of you.

If you have a hard time reading the lettering just click on the page for a larger image.

This minicomic was 8 pages plus a cardstock cover. If you count you can see that there are only 11 pages here. I used the back cover to advertise Cheap Thrills, my first minicomic series. My friend didn’t include a scan of that so it’s not included here either. You’re not missing much.