Story Seed #2

The zombie apocalypse is over in 3 weeks. The living win. Now what does daily life look like when the dead must be feared?

Even if the dead could come back to life as ravenous flesh eaters it’s hard for me to be worried about it. There just aren’t that many corpses lying around. Even if every bite turns the victim into another zombie it’s still unlikely that the undead would gain enough numbers to take out living society. We humans are ruthless creatures and we’re very good at killing other members of our species. In this case there’d be no need to dehumanize the enemy – the enemy is no longer human and wants to eat us. We’d have them chopped up and tossed into the bonfires in no time.

The question then is, what would society look like when a corpse becomes a threat? How would we treat the old and the sick? That homeless guy passed out on the street – no one is going to ignore that body. How would murder investigations be conducted? What kind of funerals would we have?