Brother Entropy – 1990/2011

When I posted the Misspent Youths proposal a couple of weeks ago it was with a little trepidation. I didn’t start to do work I’m comfortable with until about 1992. I’ve got sketchbooks from the same time period as Misspent Youths that I can’t see myself scanning, much less posting examples of those scans. The proposal got posted because it was Misspent and those characters still live in my head.

While it’s no longer difficult for me to look at the artwork that I did twenty years ago I can’t say I think it’s great stuff. Now I can see what I managed to do well at the same time that I identify all the things I did poorly. So, the best solution to posting old bad work? Include examples of what my work looks like now!

I’ve got a number of projects that I need to get back to but I’ve been away from the drawing board for a couple of months. I’d love it if I could just pick up a pencil and get back to work on a stalled project in the same place I left it but a little practice is necessary first. I need to get used to the tools again. My brain needs to remember how to move my hand. So first I did some sketches that I’m not posting today. Random stuff. Then I decided to redraw the character portraits from the proposal as another exercise.

So for the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting now and then versions of the characters from the Misspent Youths proposal. Today I’m featuring Brother Entropy, the intended main villain of the (intended) first ten issues of the series.

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