Story Seed #14

Helen Vaughn, Wilbur Whateley and the Frankenstein Monster hunt a team of Nazi vampires during the Blitz in WW2

There’s a sub-genre of fiction that involves throwing various public domain characters (and/or historic figures) together and sending them on an adventure. If you’ve read my sketchblog much you’re probably aware of my fondness for Frankenstein’s Monster. He’ll definitely show up in few more story seeds.

Helen Vaughn was the unfortunate child resulting from an encounter with The Great God Pan in the story by Arthur Machen. Wilbur Whately is another unfortunate result of a mating between a human and Something From Beyond. He’s from HP Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror.

All three characters were the spawn of experiments by men who were messing the realms of Things Men Were Not Meant to Know. (Yeah, whatever.) They seem like they’d make a good team of grumpy misanthropes.