Cherice Unomuro 1990/2011

I have a tendency to invent characters just intending to use them for a specific purpose in one, maybe two stories, and then they move into my head and never leave. I don’t remember having any special plans for Cherice. I’d already written the first issue of Misspent Youths when I started putting together the proposal. Cherice was featured in an important scene so I included her in the character list but I really didn’t know what I’d do with her after that. But, like the adventurous chick she is, she just kept showing up.

3 thoughts on “Cherice Unomuro 1990/2011

  1. I wanted the new portraits to be fairly similar to the old ones so I kept hair styles and the original clothing. I even tried for similiar backgrounds. With certain characters I changed their stances or gestures because the originals looked awkward.

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