4 thoughts on “Buffy Crawfield 1990/2011

  1. What was always funniest for me was that I knew her real-life doppleganger. The punchline: the real-life Buffy (who’s an absolute sweetheart) was the assistant manager at the comic shop where I bought that first issue of “Misspent Youths” 20 years ago. I had just been laid off from a longtime job that day, and came in lower than Rick Perry’s concern for the poor. Not knowing that I was already vaguely familiar with the comic thanks to the one-page ad in “Factsheet Five,” she handed me a copy of the first issue and said “This looks like it’s right up your alley.” I still love her to death to this day because of it.

  2. I can do one better. If you can get out this way, I’ll introduce you to her. She and her husband run a green living store near downtown that I hit from time to time (they offer low-volatile latex paint that’s perfect for greenhouse applications), and she’d probably love to hear from you.

  3. Thank you for the offer. Hopefully I’ll be able to take you up on it. I’m probably not doing any traveling before I finish school so it wouldn’t be for another three years. Tell Buffy I said “Hi!”

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