Story Seed #18

10 years after a housing development is abandoned in midbuild, a mailman finds himself picking up & delivering mail to the empty(?) homes.

You know what I find creepier than old abandoned houses? New abandoned houses. That is, houses that were mostly built and then never finished. Old houses tend to be singular things that have come to the end of their lives. The new houses that come up as part of a housing development represent dreams stillborn.

I know, I know. Maybe someone just wanted to build them because they thought they’d make a lot of money and they paid as little as possible and the construction is shoddy and anyone living in them would have been miserable. Maybe. I’m one of those sentimentalists who feels bad when someones dream fails, even if it’s just the dream of making some extra dough.

I’m also a bit of an animist so, to me, places have spirits. And a place that was meant to be a home, yet never became one, seems like a very sad place indeed.