The Living Ghost!

These days I rarely draw anything just for the fun of it. Certainly the process of drawing is fun and I pretty much only take on the projects that I want to. It’s just that the drawings I do are generally part of larger projects – a commission, a role-playing game, a book cover, a present, a website, the occasional remake/remodel challenge. To just sit down and sketch something out because it seems like fun in the moment doesn’t happen very often.

Last week,  however, Andrea Bonazzi posted a link to this comic on the Frank Belknap Long facebook page and I thought, “That Living Ghost character looks like he’d be fun to draw!”

So here he is. And you know what? He was fun to draw.

Back to work!

2 thoughts on “The Living Ghost!

  1. He laughs madly a lot. Also he has goat hooves! I like how this design preserves the original but it still looks modern. I guess that’s the hallmark of good character design.

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