Man-Ant (Black and White)

I’d been intending to wait to post this next series of illustrations until after I’d used them to create header logos for but that could leave this blog quiet for weeks. And we all know what a tragedy that would be. (also and will eventually be my main portfolio site/online home. If I were smart I’d just repurpose existing art for the banners and, thus, get the site up more quickly. But no. The first thing I set up doing was drawing new illustrations.

A big reason for the new art is that most of my currently available art is black and white. I’ve done a lot of interior illustration for gaming magazines and manuals since 2003 and, while I’m quite proud of most of it, if I didn’t do new color pieces the site would be pretty monochromatic.

So why is this piece black and white? Because most of my illustrations start out black and white and I color them in photoshop. This gives me greater flexibility over what colors to use. If I end up choose a set of colors that look lousy together or that don’t give the illustration enough contrast I can easily make changes. This illustration was done using ink and cool grey felt markers. I’ll post the colorized version tomorrow.