Raggedy (Black and White)

I love the look of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. They seem like they were and would be fun to draw. I have not, however, read any of the books or seen the movie musical so I have no idea whether I’d actually enjoy the characters themselves.

This is neither Ann nor Andy. He is a little Raggedy though.

3 thoughts on “Raggedy (Black and White)

  1. I loved “Raggedy Ann and Andy: a Musical Adventure” as a kid. I believe anyone who’s seen it will tell you how trippy it is, for a children’s movie. Last I checked, the whole thing was up on YouTube. My dad read us some of the Raggedy Ann and Andy stories as well, which were okay, but I also found them to be more bland and saccharine than the movie. Same with any other animated interpretations of the characters; I kept comparing them unfavorably to the film. It’s not like the characters were super edgy in the movie, but they did seem to have a slight edge or were a little more grown-up in personality, compared to the book and other animated versions, in which they were just completely goody-goody.

    Anyway, nice drawing. It may not be Raggedy Andy, but it looks like it could be their creepy cousin or something.

  2. Thank you for the review David! I’ll have to make time to watch some of the YouTube segments.

    I was in a used book store yesterday and saw a couple of Raggedy Ann books on display. If I hadn’t been hunting for birthday presents for a friend I might have picked them up for myself. The art, at least, looked charming.

  3. Oh, yeah, I do remember liking the illustrations. One weird thing that stands out in my mind about the book I had, now that I’m thinking about it, was how the art style seemed to vary from illustration to illustration, often in the same chapters; characters would look different from one drawing to the next, etc. I don’t know if there was more than one illustrator of it was just one person who liked to experiment and/or wasn’t too concerned with consistency. Hm, now I’m gonna have to find out if I still have that book somewhere.

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