Nope. Haven’t Read It (Black and White)

Apparently a pig’s head on sharp stick is one of the central images of the novel Lord of the Flies. I say apparently because I haven’t read the book. I managed to make it through high school without having it assigned to me and, being a Computer Programming major, I don’t expect to encounter it during my college career. It has a reputation of being a literary classic with themes of revolving around the inherent savagery of men or some such. It’s possible that I’d enjoy the book because the threat of having to write an essay about it afterward won’t be hanging over my head. Fortunately I’ve got so many less reputable books ahead of it on my reading list that I may never have to worry about it.

4 thoughts on “Nope. Haven’t Read It (Black and White)

  1. Um. I don’t know. I didn’t like it at the time. The movie. But it did have atmosphere. And there are aspects of it that stuck with me. Which is probably not true of movies I’ve liked better.

  2. That’s something in its favor. I don’t have to like a movie to find it memorable.

    Daniel Rivers and I once decided that between Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, Full Metal Jacket must have been the more interesting movie because we spent more time talking about it than about Platoon. Even though we liked watching Platoon more.

    There are also movies that I remember because I hated them but that’s a different category.

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