Little Dino (Black and White)

My earliest drawings were of dinosaurs. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them. The drawings looked more like balloon animals than anything with a skeleton. If my mom hadn’t labeled them you wouldn’t know what they were supposed to be.

Over the years I’ve gotten a little more skillful at drawing. At the same time our picture of what dinosaurs looked like and how they behaved has evolved. No longer do we think of dinosaurs as slow moving tail draggers. They run. They fight. They migrate. They raise families. And some of them have feathers. I’m delighted by the progress they’ve made.

2 thoughts on “Little Dino (Black and White)

  1. It depends how early you go, I suppose, but you did some bitchin’ dinosaurs at 5. I have proof.

    You did a freehand drawing of a T Rex (or allosaurus?) that I easily recognized as the one on the cover of a dino book we had as kids. It’s clearly not a tracing (not that we did that much) because it’s on cardboard. You looked at it and you drew it with a single bold line.

    But you did some nice stuff just out of your head, too.

  2. Okay. You caught me. I didn’t actually go look at the early drawings before I wrote that.

    That gives me an idea to do another set of then/now redraws. We’ll see what kind of time I’ve got.

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