Some of the Gang

I started this illustration a few years ago. With getting put together I figured that now was a good time to finish it. I’d originally intended it as a promo illustration for the Oz Squad comic revival. Now I’ll be using it as the illustration on the intro page of the website. I did the last of the inking and scanned it in on Friday. If all goes well I’ll have it colored in time to post that version on Monday. If all goes really I’ll have the text of the introduction finished as well and they can both go up together.

2 thoughts on “Some of the Gang

  1. The fact that Dorothy is packing heat indicates that this isn’t some children’s book illustration. I think I recognize all but 3 of the figures in here. Very nice composition.

  2. The illustration is for Oz Squad and Oz Squad wasn’t (isn’t) for kids. At least not the under ten set. Despite its reputation (and unlike many of the newer Oz continuations) the Oz in Oz Squad is actually a pretty cheerful place.

    That you recognized all but 3 characters is pretty good. Jenny (standing behind Nick) and Milo (standing between Jenny and the Wizard) haven’t seen print yet. Ozzy (between Dorothy and Ozma) made his debut in March of the Tin Soldiers.

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