The Gang, with Color

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I don’t consider coloring to be one of my strong suits. I think I can do it well but it does require a lot of trial and error on my part for me to feel like I’ve done it well. I’m a noodler. I like gradients and detail. Just laying down flat colors and calling it good is hard for me.

Flat coloring is faster than gradient, layered color, however, and I’m trying to speed up my processes. For the current incarnation of Oz Squad I’m just doing flat colors. So, even though my fingers are itching to add shadows and highlights, I’m calling this done.


2 thoughts on “The Gang, with Color

  1. It’s only now that I’m noticing the glass cat, which I didn’t see in the black & white version.

    I share your sentiments about coloring. I understand how it can be tough to just stop at a quick flat coloring job, though in a lot of cases, it really isn’t required. Here, for example, the drawing is certainly good enough that it doesn’t need improvement through a lot of fancy pants shading and rendering. I like it just fine the way it is.

  2. Thank you. I’m pretty happy with it today. Usually if I just leave an illustration alone for a few days I come to appreciate it as it is. I might catch one or two things that need correction (like that spot of color I left off the Wizard’s tie) but I’m no longer comparing it against some magical perfect version that only existed in my imagination.

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