Little Red: Shadows and Tones

I Needs a New Hat GraytonesI prefer to finish as much of an illustration as possible on paper and save the computer for touch ups and special effects. I really like having a flat file filled with with completed drawings. I’ve used gray tone markers to shade the ground and Little Red’s skin. I used a B pencil for the fur and her dress. If I were intending this illustration to be black and white I might consider it done at this point.

This is a color piece, however, and color means Photoshop. I’ve got a shoe box filled with colored felt markers that rarely get a work out. I save them for the illustrations that I plan to give to people. When I’m creating an illustration for print or the web I do the color in Photoshop. It’s not because I think the program is better at color than the markers. I use it because it allows me to change my mind.

Tomorrow: Flat Colors