At The End of the First Week of the New Year

Thanks to the instructions at Mamablogga I’ve transferred all the old posts from the original Skook sketchblog. I imagine that there will be some clean up to make sure that they all work for this site but that’s going to be a long term project. I’m posting larger images here than I did on the old blog so the older entries look a little puny. WordPress (which is what I use for this site) has post identifiers of both “categories” and “tags”. I’m not sure what the difference is but all my older blogspot post tags come through as categories. I’m not sure what if, anything I’ll do with that. With seven years of posts to go through, any revising done will take … more time than I want to think about. If you happen to find any posts that need fixing please post a comment or send me an email to let me know.

I’ve also been adding links over in the sidebar. I started with sites I visit regularly (that is, at least twice a month) and now I’m added sites that seem interesting. I’m open to suggestions. I tend to get stuck in patterns of subject matter and it’s refreshing to be pointed in a different direction now and then.

In physical world news I’m back in school after the Holiday break. I’m taking English Composition, Introduction to Computer Hardware and Introduction to Database Design. Without a math class (and the attendant homework) this quarter  I’m expecting the work load to be lighter.

To compensate for the lighter school schedule, I’ve signed up for Codeacademy, a free online coding program. I could use extra practice writing code. I attempted the first lesson yesterday and choked up before I was able to finish. I’ll give it another try today. Practice. Practice.

Over at we posted the first chapter of Lizzie the Girl Knight. We’ll have a new chapter for you on the first of every month. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “At The End of the First Week of the New Year

  1. Hi Dave. For ages WordPress didn’t have tags, the idea being you’d use categories for all that sort of thing. Tagging has evolved into something a bit different now though – for instance you might want to tag a person or place in a post even if the post itself isn’t actually about them, for instance. There’s also an argument whether that’s an appropriate use of tagging or not, of course, but WordPress have evidently decided to hedge their bets and have both.

    • To make things more complicated Blogger has “labels”. Having spent years working retail a label sounds like a tag to me. So when I started using WordPress I assumed that the tags were the same thing as Blogger’s labels. Apparently the WordPress folks think differently. All my Blogger labels became categories in the migration.

      Calling them tags probably confuses folks who use tags in Facebook. Tags here don’t function the same way as they do there. If I tag a post with Nick Brownlow the post isn’t going to show up in your WordPress account. Is it?

      I’m not really complaining. I’m delighted that Blogger and WordPress work together as well as they do and that the process of migration was so simple.

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