2 thoughts on “He Dares to Read

  1. I was just reading my first posts at my LoveSettlement blog. 2002. December. So it’ll be ten years of blogging come the end of this one. Not daily or anything (‘cept with that “Thousand” business), but quite a lot of writing. One of the December ’02 posts describes getting Sutra out of a tree during a first adventure outside (we got him down without firearms). Which means he & his brother (The Piss Lord, Darth Sundy, I’ve been calling him) turn ten this year, too.

    When I discovered the poetry videos, which seem to have been posted mostly last month & this, their stats were quite low – 2 to 5 views. After my promoting the one you embed has ticked over 30. The Facebook friends who also are represented among the videos get their video posted to their “wall”, then I append my own.

    Oh, and despite all that writing at LuvSet, my blog stats say I get between 4 and 9 visitors a day. Not burning up the net! At Dare I Read I get more – but they come for particular reasons – the dialect in Wuthering Heights, say, or the naked cowboys tshirt worn by the Sex Pistols.

  2. It looks like I may have picked up a few more readers in my move to WordPress but I’m not sure. The stats posted here are different than those at Blogger and I haven’t really delved into the details.

    It’s weird going back and rereading really old posts. I don’t remember writing a lot of it. Sometimes I don’t remember having done or read some of the stuff I write about. Sometimes the post will trigger a memory but sometimes I just nod and think, “Yup, that sounds like me.”

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