Midnight Commando #5

Midnight Commando #5This is the last  Midnight Commando cover. For my contributions to All Cover Comics I invented four “superheroes” and then drew the covers for the first five issues of each series. Bob Pfeffer, one of the publishers of All Cover Comics commented that he hadn’t seen yesterday’s cover before. I’m guessing that means that not all the covers saw print.

Of the four series, Midnight Commando was the only one for which I didn’t create any antagonists for the hero. I’m guessing that I just thought I’d thought of enough funny ideas for covers that adding a villain didn’t seem necessary.(Whether any of these covers are actually funny is a judgement I leave to you.)

By 1990 there were quite a few vigilante heroes running around the comic book world. The Punisher was popular. Superhero comics were getting darker, grimmer, grittier. There were more heroes who killed their opponents. And there were a lot more villains who were mass murderers. I was never much a fan of killer vigilante series. I like a good revenge story and I don’t mind if the protagonist of a series sometimes kills the bad guys. I just thought that gun toting heroes didn’t fit very well in the superhero universes that I was reading. It didn’t make sense that regular no-kill heroes would tolerate the killer vigilantes and it really didn’t make sense that the vigilantes would stand a chance against some of the super powered mass murderers that were out there.