Fear the Raven’s Fist!

RavenI’ve never been a big fan of the rich man vigilante superhero archetype. I like Batman and Zorro well enough but I can’t think of any other wealthy heroes that do much for me. Partly that’s because I’m not rich and likely never will be. Partly that’s because, it seems to me, there are more effective ways for a rich man to fight crime than to punch muggers. Punching bad guys is what you do when you can’t do much else.

This is the Raven. Yes, the Raven is a very similar name to the Crow. I’m pretty sure that was intentional. I liked the Crow comic. Unlike the Crow, the Raven is a living man. He’s a vigilante who fights crime on the streets.He doesn’t have any super powers. He’s a just a really good martial artist and crazy enough to think punching bad guys is a good way to spend his time.

I’ll probably never do anything with the character. Comics are full of costumed vigilantes. If I did make use of him I’d probably change his name.

2 thoughts on “Fear the Raven’s Fist!

  1. He’s the best of golden age pulp and iron age 90s in one guy. Though, everyone I know has created a hero named “Raven,” even me, so a name change is probably in order. How about “Corvus?”

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