Shadow of the Vampire

Vampire's Shadow
I recently bought a flat file cabinet. Rather, I bought second flat file. It’s larger than my old one. I’m taking advantage of the extra space to pull more art out of boxes and reorganize the art that’s in the original cabinet. I’ve got a nice sized stack of art ready for scanning already. The funny thing is, I can also now see running out of old art to scan and post. What an odd feeling.

All of which has little to do with fang face up there. Vampires are kind of low on my list of favorite monsters. I enjoy a good vampire story and I don’t have a lot of attachment to whether a vampire is a hideous monster or a romantic studly sort. Whether or not I like the story has more to do with how well it is told than whether or not the vamp has good hair.

That said, most vampires are a bit too human for me to love. The more human a monster is the less willing I am to let him get away with wanting to eat me.