Fleshcrawl & Bonechill

Fleshcrawl and BonechillIn 1993, Erik Larsen, the creator/writer/illustrator of The Savage Dragon, ran a character creation contest. He asked for fans to submit characters as possible opponents for the Dragon in an upcoming issue of the comic. I wrote up descriptions for, and illustrations of, six different characters and sent them in. And waited.

The pair above are Bonechill and Fleshcrawl, a supervillain team. Bonechill lives inside Fleshcrawl. Bonechill can rip you apart with his claws or freeze you with his touch. Fleshcrawl is a boneless blob when Bonechill isn’t inside him. He kills by wrapping himself around his victim and suffocating him.

They didn’t get chosen.

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  1. Well. I forget to look in for a while and what’s here? A totally sweet pulp novel and a whole pile of ready-made NPC portraits. Erik Larsen may have rejected them, but they will make great bad guys for the superhero campaign I am running.

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