Saur Thirteen

Saur ThirteenThe final character I submitted to the Savage Dragon character contest was Saur Thirteen. Saur Thirteen is one of those ill planned secret government experiments in creating a non-human soldier.

Saur Thirteen wasn’t chosen. None of the characters I submitted were. The winner of the contest was Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster. He made his one and only appearance in The Savage Dragon #10.

At time, I was annoyed at Larsen’s choice for the winner. It’s not that I expected to win. I just expected that whatever character won would be cooler and more imaginative than anything I submitted. I suspect now that it was Jimbo’s plain goofiness that had him win. By 1993, Larsen had been working in superhero comics for years. He’d drawn a lot of cool, edgy, serious characters. Silly and dumb probably seemed like a relief.